Monday, December 2, 2013

Primeros dias em Brasil!! (First days in Brazil)

Oi Familia e amigos!! (Hi Family & Friends) So this is it! I'm really in Brazil!! I was lucky enough to get my visa the day after I entered the Provo MTC with another elder who is serving in Brasil as well! So we flew out here together!! My first day in the Provo MTC was great!! Thanks to everyone who wished me well off!! I Love you all! I had 2 other companions, Sister Brown and Sister Recinos! We were friends right off the bat!! We taught so well together and it just really worked! We had the First vision and our purpose memorized with in the first 4 days! Portuguese is awesome!! It’s so pretty and fun to speak!! We were late to our first district meeting, so we set our watches 10 minutes ahead and we were never late again! haha Lesson learned! We taught our first lesson in Portuguese on the 2nd day and it went alright. We had written everything out so we weren't really able to rely on the spirit so much. So we decided that together we would be prepared with words or phrases for the next lesson and just go in with notes, and you know what?! it worked! The spirit was so strong in that meeting, especially when I was able to recite the first vision from memory. Our feedback was amazing! He said we taught a very powerful lesson and that our Portuguese was great for only being there for 3 days! ha I said a prayer at the end of the lesson in Portuguese and after I was done I wasn't really sure what I had said. I asked my companion and she said that I had prayed for the investigator to know that the things we taught him were true and that we would all be able to keep our commitments. Which is impressive because I don’t know how to pray for other people just yet?) It's just proof of the Gift of Tongues! It was exercised in me that day and it was amazing! That's just one example of how miracles can happen when you have the spirit with you! So I had only been with my district for 6 days when at the end of class they asked me to give the closing prayer. That was a bad idea and I knew it, but they insisted. So I started... and then proceeded to cry through the rest of the night saying goodbye to everyone! I just had this love for them and the spirits they had brought to our relationship! I miss them already! Then came Tuesday morning and Elder Rowell and I got our luggage and headed to SLC with some other missionaries headed to SLC East mission. So all of our luggage was together and when we went down to get off at the next stop all of the luggage was gone, including ours! The missionaries from another mission had taken our luggage to their mission home! Luckily the Lord truly does watch over his missionaries! There was a lady who had been a mission president’s wife and she stayed with us until the whole ordeal was over and we had all of our stuff! We finally got it back and it went smoothly from there! Elder Rowell and I were friends right off the bat and we had some great memories on those flights over here to Brasil!! Such long flights, but we're here! Elder Rowell and I had a temporary PDay today which is why I am able to email today. My normal pday is on Wednesday! Next Wednesday I will send my address to everyone! But boy, do I Love Brazil!!! This MTC is very different but I like it. Everyone speaks Portuguese here! and the rule is you have to ask permission to speak English! So it's hard but I think I will learn a lot faster!!! It's amazing! I had the opportunity to go to the São Paulo temple this morning and I will be able to attend every PDay! It was so beautiful - what an amazing experience!! Well I will be writing again on Wednesday and I will hopefully be able to send pictures and more stories of my adventures here!!! Love you all soo much and thank you for the love and support!! Eu sei que esta igreja é verdade, que joseph smith foi um profeta de deus e por meio dele deus restaurou a plentitude de sua evangelho! MUITA BRIGADA!!! Tchau tchau!! Até mais! muah! (I know this church is true, that Joseph Smith was a prophet of God, and thru him, God restored the fullness of his gospel! Many thanks!!! Bye bye!! Until later! Muah! <3 Sister Thornton! God protect you!)

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