Wednesday, December 11, 2013


Oí, De novo!!! Thank you all for your e-mails, I’m trying to respond to all but I don’t have much time! If you don’t get one, please know I still love you!!! :) Also I know you all want to know more about what I think of Brazil, but right now I think it’s more important that you know what I’m learning and growing from! There will be time for Sweet Brazil details later! :P So this week in the field was so amazing!! After this week I know for sure that everything happens for a reason and that I am here in Brazil because I needed to be! My roommates, the Brazileras, left this week! They were such a blessing in my life!! There were 3 of them! They only spoke Português, one of them spoke a little English! One of them had the roughest accent (sotaque) ever to understand, but I love them with all of my heart!!! The first few days with them were kind of awkward because we weren’t comfortable speaking Português with them, however, as we went through out the 11 days we were together, we became more comfortable with them and we were able to understand better and talk more! Though we never had deep heart to hearts on doctrine or anything, we still became very close! Like family! On the night that they all bore their testimonies of this gospel, (yes I cried...thank you), they each mentioned something about their companheras de cuarto (us) and how we were like family to them! One night I was reading the book of Mormon with a one of them, as I did with all of them in English and Português each night, and after she told me that she was grateful that she decided to go on a mission, and that if she hadn’t she wouldn’t have met me. I also firmly believe that I am here now to have them in my life as much as I needed to be in theirs! The morning they left was so sad, but we will keep in touch for sure!! amigas pra sempre!!! <3 Yesterday we had a devotional, and before each devotional we have choir practice. This time a teacher was conducting and he was trying to teach the Elder’s a part that wasn’t on paper, he had only thought of it. Needless to say he had to demo the part to them multiple times. The first time he picked my companion and me to sing in front of everyone!! WHAT?!?! How scary was that, but we did it. Then I thought to myself - if I never have to do that again, I will be happy - but what happened?! He called on me, me alone, two more times to sing a whole verse of silent night in front of everyone again!! haha it was so scary, but also the coolest thing ever! I sure do love singing, and it always brings a special spirit! After the devotional we had an opportunity to talk about it in district meeting! It was amazing! (Also, did I mention that I listened to it all in Português, ya amazing!!!! I can understand all of the important stuff! I know there is no way I could do this alone, Heavenly Fathers hand is most definitely in my learning) We all received such great things out of it for each of us specifically. Then after that we took the extra time we had to bear our testimonies on Jesus Christ and his Atonement! Like an Elder in my district said, “There’s no better way to bring the spirit, than by testifying of Christ!” It was an amazing meeting and the spirit was most definitely there! I have no doubt that this is the true and restored church of Jesus Christ! I know that He and my Heavenly father love me so much! I know that Christ died for me and my sins and that he knows all of my troubles and pains in my life. He is the only one who completely understands. I know that the only way back to our Heavenly Fathers presence is through Jesus Christ and his Atonement. The more I study and learn the more I come to know of the importance of using Christ’s atonement daily in our lives!! I know that this gospel is true and that God, through Joseph smith, restored it to the earth for us at this time! I know that the Book of Mormon is true and that through its teaching we can become not only what we want to be, but who out Loving Father wants us to be! I love this gospel and the blessings and joy it brings to my life!!! eu sei que Jesus Cristo vive e que Ele me ama. Eu sei que estou aqui para ensinar sobre o verdade do evangelho Dele. Eu sei que Este evangelho pode trazer bençãos e felicidades a nossos vidas! Eu amo todos de Vocês! (I Love you all!!!) Até a semana proxima! <3

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