Wednesday, December 18, 2013

OOOOÌ!!!! This week was a crazy one but some awesome stuff happened! So this week I had to go to the police station to get finger printed and such. This is something that you do that in your 3rd week in the Brazil! Can you believe I have been gone for soo long!! I can’t! It’s been a month! :D I have missed you all so much but also loved every second of my mission so far! Our district received 2 new sisters this week so our district had to split. One of them was straight from home being put into a 4th week district. So she’s getting moved down today and that means we have a trio and one sister. This also means that I am being split from my old companionship and being put with this new sister! She came from Provo too. Though I am sad to be leaving my old companionship it will be alright because I will actually see them every second of every day except for when we teach! haha :P Any who.... This past Friday we had the opportunity to go into down town São Paulo. We went there to proselyte and hand out copies of the Book of Mormon!!! It was the coolest experience ever!!! When we first started we were sooooo nervous and didn’t have the guts to walk up to anyone. So then a gift from God.... This man out of nowhere walked right up to us and started talking to us first, (mind you this is in Português) and he asked us about the books. We had a nice little conversation an ended up giving him a book!! It was amazing, then the fear was gone and we were able to have more confidence. We as a district ended up giving away all of our books (which was 3 each) and talking to a lot of people! I’m so grateful for that experience! Though it was hard to understand people at times, they were mostly all really nice! I say mostly because towards the end of our day, this man came up to me specifically and started talking to me about the priesthood and blacks. He asked, “So God likes your people now? He just picked up the phone one day and decided yupp, you can have the priesthood now?”... So awkward, and he wasn’t talking nicely. So I tried to explain but he just wouldn’t listen. He was determined that he knew something I didn’t about my church and he wouldn’t let me get a word in. So I smiled and said Feliz Natal and walked away. Well.... At least I’ve gotten my first time of rejection out of the way! haha We had the opportunity to sing Christmas carols in front of the CTM on Saturday night and it was great! People stopped to watch, cars honked and they clapped! it was so fun!! I am missing Christmas at home in the snow with a real Christmas tree, but I know I’ll love it here just as much! I was asked on Sunday to be the floor coordinator until I leave! That’s a lot of responsibility but I’m excited to be able to welcome new sisters into the CTM! I also said goodbye to the Elder I flew here with this Monday. He left for the field Tuesday morning. He'll be a great missionary! The friends you make on a mission are so special, each one!! This week we’ve all really been missing music from home. So we’ve been singing Disney songs!!! So much fun!!! Haha Everyone knows I have no problem busting out into song! I wish my life was a musical! :P It was fun! Also last night we got to watch the Quinten L Cook devotional from Provo last week and afterwards, like always, we had the opportunity to talk about it with our district! One of the sisters said "go big or go home, but we can’t go home.... so just go big!!!" I loved that and it is now going to become my motto!!! GO BIG!! :D The language is coming along great! I’m understanding a lot and slowly picking up more words and being able to form phrases faster! It’s so cool. It took me 4.5 years to be able to speak this well in Spanish, and I’ve only been here just 4 weeks and I’m already this far! CRAZY what you can do with the Lord's help! It’s about 80 degrees here every day and the sun shine is marvelous!! The cockroaches are huge and we still don’t get chocolate, haha but I did find a store that has some, so you bet I will stock up! :P I love you all!! I know with all my heart that this church is true. It is a church for families and individuals alike! I know the Book of Mormon changes lives, if you let it!! (That’s for you mom ;) ) and I know that the only way to find true happiness is though our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ! I know that because I am able to feel his pure love and that joy each and every day!! I know that this is the Lord's work and that he is always by my side! I love you all and expect a special email from me next week on Christmas day!!! ;) Bejos e abraços!!!!

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